Nate Glamz eyeshadow palette by Allyson Rubin cosmetics
The Glamz Eyeshadow Palette (LIMITED EDITION)
nate glamz eyeshadow palette created by Allyson Rubin cosmetics

The Glamz Eyeshadow Palette (LIMITED EDITION)

Allyson Rubin Cosmetics
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Sick of trying to blend your eyeshadows and all you end up with is one grayish-muddy color on your eye? 

If so, this will be your favorite everyday (and night) eyeshadow palette that you ever owned!

These shadows look great on EVERY SKIN TONE!


Allyson created this beautiful palette, and then saw NateGlamz on YouTube and asked him to create a video using his fabulous artistic style in union with these amazing colors that were named after Micronesia from Nate, and also named after special people in Allyson’s life.

These are so easy to blend and they last all day and stay true to color. The palette itself is very light weight, so it's great for travel! This amazing collection of shadows will help you easily create a natural look, or a stunning "NateGlamz" look!

Other palettes on the market might look like the Glamz palette, but the eyeshadows in the other palettes don't blend like these beauties! These eyeshadow make it so easy to achieve the look you desire quickly because they practically blend themselves! Only found here at ARC!

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