UR Cute Sponge
UR Cute Sponge

UR Cute Sponge

Allyson Rubin Cosmetics
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Other Sponges:

  • Blends poorly, creates an uneven or cakey appearance
  • Time consuming application
  • Poor longevity. Hardens after several applications
  • Difficult to clean. Requires a special cleanser
  • Frequent cleaning required

ARC Sponge:

  • Blends foundation smoothly
  • Fast application
  • Conceals pores and textures
  • Performs and feels great when wet
  • Maintains consistency use after use
  • Can be cleaned daily, weekly or monthly with any antimicrobial soap!

What makes ARC’s better?

This sponge once dampened with water grows twice in size and feels so bouncy on the skin. Unlike other brands, you can keep wetting it and it never loses its bounce. Drugstore brands may look the same but they don’t expand when dampened with water. Other brands harden and lose the ability to blend after a couple of applications and often require a special soap restore usability. The Allyson Rubin Cosmetics sponge always feels soft no matter if you clean it daily, weekly, or even monthly!

Simply wash the sponge with any antibacterial soap daily or weekly.


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